Spencer receives unfair backlash

Matt BuckeyeInsider

Urban Meyer says he won’t let wide receiver Evan Spencer speak to the media for a “long time” after a comment Spencer made to reporters on Monday.

That is unfortunate because Spencer, son of former OSU standout running back Tim Spencer, is one of the most articulate players on the team. He simply was a victim of the negative power social media can have on one’s words.

Meyer’s reaction came after Spencer jokingly told a group of Ohio State beat writers that he felt his team could “wipe the field” with Alabama and the other top contenders for the national title.

The “wipe the field” part showed up on Twitter almost instantly, and in a matter of a couple of hours was a top story on several Web sites and on ESPN’s Sportscenter.

Spencer was criticized heavily for his comments on the national level, as well as within his own team. Meyer came out a day later admonishing his receiver for not using good sportsmanship and promising that Spencer will be given an extended break from talking with reporters.

The disappointing thing for me about the situation was that the entire context of what Spencer said was left out in most media outlets.

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