English soccer shamed as Man United bus attacked

Manchester United's players took refuge in the aisle of the team bus, lying down almost on top of each other as thuds and banging were heard outside and objects hit the windows.

  • Written by STEVE DOUGLAS, AP Sports Writer

Canadian professor: Olympics should be postponed due to Zika

LONDON (AP) — With the opening ceremony in Rio de Janeiro less than three months away, a Canadian professor has called for the Olympics to be postponed or moved because of the Zika outbreak, warning the influx of visitors to Brazil will result in the avoidable birth of malformed babies.

  • Written by MARIA CHENG, Associated Press STEPHEN WILSON, Associated Press

Congress putting daily fantasy sports games under scrutiny

WASHINGTON (AP) — Congress on Wednesday launched a fact-finding mission into the loosely regulated world of fantasy sports games — a multibillion-dollar business that seemingly advertised everywhere during the pro football season.

  • Written by ANDREW TAYLOR, Associated Press

Amputee from 9/11 attacks wins 7 medals at Invictus Games

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — Sarah Rudder was on the verge of a key promotion in the U.S. Marines on Sept. 11, 2001, when the terrorist attacks struck and eventually left her without a leg.

  • Written by TERRANCE HARRIS, Associated Press