Will more college athletes take on the establishment?

College athletes have more power than ever before, almost everyone can agree on that. What is up for debate is whether that will lead to overdue change, or whether it will throw programs into turmoil.

  • Written by JIM LITKE, AP Sports Writer

Buckeyes’ return to beer ads raises eyebrows

COLUMBUS — The Ohio State football team’s win over Michigan in 2002 did more than send the Buckeyes on their way to a national title.


Putin calls for investigation of Russian doping allegations

MOSCOW (AP) — Facing allegations that Russia engages in extensive, state-sponsored doping, President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday called on sports officials to carry out an internal investigation - but said that clean athletes shouldn't be punished for the actions of those who take banned drugs.

  • Written by JAMES ELLINGWORTH, AP Sports Writer JIM HEINTZ, AP Sports Writer