Russians offer 'broad cooperation' in effort to avoid ban

MOSCOW (AP) — In an effort to avoid a ban from track and field, Russia offered "broad cooperation" on doping reforms on Friday, including the creation of a new anti-doping agency.

  • Written by JAMES ELLINGWORTH, AP Sports Writer

He gets buckets: Irving's 'Uncle Drew' is back

MIAMI (AP) — By his own estimate, Kyrie Irving figures about half the people who shout at him in public use his name.

The other half yell for Uncle Drew.

  • Written by TIM REYNOLDS, AP Basketball Writer

Bengals perfect, rest of AFC North beat up and struggling

CINCINNATI (AP) — The first half of the season has been perfect in every way for the Bengals. They've won every game, kept all of their stars healthy and opened a daunting lead in the AFC North.

The rest of the division? Just trying to hold it together.

  • Written by JOE KAY, AP Sports Writer