Drag racing brings new action to fair

A new attraction took to the infield Friday at the Logan County Fair as KOI Drag Racing entertained the grandstand and showcased a different type of horsepower.

Drag racing

Driver’s compete in the stock class, above, Friday night during the Logan County Fair. Kids 12-and-under, in Saturday's Examiner, raced in the kids division on four wheelers. (EXAMINER PHOTOS | AARON LABATT)

Various vehicles zoomed across the 200-foot stretch of dirt in hopes of claiming a trophy. All kinds of ATVs were in action from four wheelers to trucks and dirt bikes.

Kurt Crockett, a 2016 Indian Lake graduate, competed for the first time in the two-stroke dirt bike class Friday. It was an experience he hopes to relive.

“I just wanted to be a part of it when I heard about it,” said Crockett. “It sounded like a lot of fun so I signed up. It’s cheap entertainment for the crowd and I enjoy racing, so I had to get involved.

“We are all definitely excited to do something like this. I think this would draw a lot of riders again next year. I think it’s a growing sport or event. There will be more people here next year now that they know about it.”

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