16-year-old drives to win on opening night

While most 16-year-olds are excited to hit the road for the first time behind the wheel, Logan Powell is getting his thrills while doing his driving with a horse.


Logan Powell, a 16-year-old from Felton, Del., drives Brother Gus to a win in the 11th and final race of the night Tuesday at the Logan County Fair. It was Powell’s second career start. (EXAMINER PHOTO | MATT HAMMOND)

Powell, who hails from Felton, Del., capped the opening night of harness racing at the Logan County Fair on Tuesday with a win in the 11th and final race.

It was his second start as a harness driver and his second win.

“It feels good,” said Powell, minutes after visiting the winner’s circle with Brother Gus. “I don’t want the winning to end. I don’t want to feel what losing is like.”

Brother Gus trotted the mile in 2:06. The win came in a second division Signature Series Trot for 4-year-olds and up.

Powell was groomed by Chad Foulk of Foulk Stables in Dover, Del. The Foulk group is in the midst of a visit to the harness circuit in Ohio, with Powell already making his mark in the Buckeye State.


In addition to learning the ins and outs of driving from Foulk, Powell also credits longtime driver Chris Page. A Mt. Vernon resident, Page owns over 2,000 wins in his career.

“Chris has helped me a lot,” said Powell, whose mother arrived to the track just about an hour before his win Tuesday. “I’ve learned a lot about driving from him.”

Having tasted immediate success, Powell has been bitten by the driving bug.

“I want to do this as long as possible,” he said. “I really like the adrenaline rush.”

Powell was one of 10 winning drivers Tuesday. The only multiple winner was Roy Burns, who was victorious with Majesty Dream in the ninth race and with Feel Like Autumn in the 10th race.

Can’t Lose, driven by Ty Van Rhoden, threatened the track’s trot record in the sixth race, a first division Signature Series Trot. Can’t Lose won in 2:02 3/5, which was just 3/5ths of a second off the track mark of 2:02.

Racing concludes tonight, with post time at 6 p.m. There are 12 races on the program.

Tuesday’s results and tonight’s entries follow below.



FIRST RACE — $3,167 Purse

2-Yr. Old Filly Trot

Easy Mom (J. Konesky III)    $4.00 $6.00    $2.10

Miss Fanci Cash (J. Dailey)        $2.10

Reins to Victor (T. Van Rhoden)    $2.10

Time: 2:12. Also raced: DJ Rosie, Royal Ruby.

SECOND RACE — $3,454 Purse

2-Yr. Old Filly Pace

Feelin Flirty (R. Pollack)    $5.40 $5.00 $5.20

Strong Victor (G. Bateson)          $11.00 $11.80

Tyler’s Filly Girl (J. Lupton)                       $4.20

Time: 2:07 4/5. Also raced: Juanita, Western Cammy, Cincy Mag.

THIRD RACE — $5,723 Purse

3-Yr. Old Filly Pace

Brandi Mayre (T. Rush)    $18.40 $6.80 $2.80

Rosy Fire (J. Dailey)               $3.60 $2.20

K’s Zip Code (E. Greeno Jr.)                        $2.40

Time: 2:03. Also raced: Lucky L, Matti Falcon, Ma’s Jet.


FOURTH RACE — $2,964 Purse

3-Yr. Old Filly Trot

Hooray USA (E. Greeno Jr.)    $2.60 $2.80 $2.40

Dellou (R. Steck)              $2.20 $2.10

Sweet Ascan Be (K. Beckstedt)                  $2.20

Time: 2:07 1/5. Also raced: Cookie N Ice Cream; BC Sweet Score.


FIFTH RACE — $3,167 Purse

2-Yr. Old Filly Trot

Hot Chip (J. Dailey)    $3.00 $3.60 $2.60

Samoa Begonia (J. Haynes)             $3.20 $4.40

Groovin Anny (K. Beckstedt)                      $3.20

Time: 2:18. Also raced: Maggie L, Baroness Swishy.

Exacta: $4.60.

Quinella: $26.20.


SIXTH RACE — $1,700 Purse

4-yr. Olds & Up

Can’t Lose (T. VanRhoden)    $2.20 $4.60 $2.20

Tymal Recap (A. Hawk)              $3.20 $2.40

Jestabrute (K. DeMull)                       $6.40

Time: 2:02 3/5. Also raced: Online Auction, Minnie Spur, Future Night Train, Bible Study.

Exacta: $6.40.


SEVENTH RACE — $3,354 Purse

3-Yr. Old Filly Pace

Our Little Swishy (T. Marts Jr.)  $11.80 $3.00 $3.00

Red Teddy Bear (T. Rush)                  $2.60 $2.20

Strong Player Lily (P. Henry)                           $2.20

Time: 2:09 4/5. Also raced: Friskie Finn, Megan L.

Exacta: $9.80.

Quinella: $10.80.


EIGHTH RACE — $740 Purse

5-Yrs. Old & Under

Sign of a Diamond (G. Bateson)$22.00 $6.00 $3.80

Placid Hill Hank (J. Dailey)                  $9.00 $7.60

Circus Annie (R. Holsapple)                           $7.60

Time: 2:09 3/5. Also raced: Her Ideal  Hanover, Seasonofbliss, Lady Morgan, Latest Dish.


NINTH RACE — $3,064 Purse

3-Yr. Old Filly Trot

Majesty Dream (R. Burns)    $4.00 $3.20 $2.60

Lofty Train (J. Konesky III)              $4.60 $4.00

Lily Adonno (E. Greeno Jr.)                        $3.00

Time: 2:08 3/5. Also raced: Wren Away, Surebecoolifudid, Sadie N Grace.

Exacta: $5.60.

Quinella: $11.20.


TENTH RACE — $710 Purse

5-Yrs. Old & Under

Feel Like Autumn (R. Burns)    $5.80 $5.60 $2.20

Ae Witch Hazel (P. Henry)              $9.20 $2.60

Shotthrutheheart (G. Bateson)                   $2.20

Time: 2:05 4/5. Also raced: Mighty Flighty, Lookin Ata Winner, Dr Sun Burn, Big Shot Rock.

Quinella: $26.20.


ELEVENTH RACE — $1,600 Purse

4-Yrs. Old & Up

Brother Gus (L. Powell)    $4.20 $3.00 $3.20

Mystery Ringer (G. Bateson)    $5.20 $4.60

Send Cash (J. Dailey)    $4.00

Time: 2:06. Also raced: Letsdukeitout, Cowling Park, Lima Lucky.



2-yr. Old Colt Pace

Race 1 — 1. Uncle Billy B (T. Bates); 2. Chucks Out Jogging (R. Burns); 3. Goodnite Steve (TBA); 4. Dellbe’s A Winner (R. Steck); 5. Deanariffic (J. Dailey); 6. Fire Valley (TBA); 7. Imperial Commander (TBA).

Signature Series Pace

Jim Ellis Memorial

Race 2 — 1. Inform (G. Campbell); 2. Cinema Classic (R. Wilson); 3. Caramel Dumpling (R. Burns); 4. Sea Change (A. Hawk); 5. Tricksaremyway (B. Galliers); 6. State Of The Union (TBA); 7. Stand Tall (J. Dailey).

2-yr. Old Colt Trot

Race 3 — 1. My Friend Jim (R. Steck); 2. Really Deep Chip (J. Dailey); 3. Regulation Nation (TBA); 4. R Ace High (K. Beckstedt); 5. Super Sam Minge (M. Winters Sr.); 6. Kaptain Ohio (TBA); 7. Victorious Warrior (E. Greeno Jr.).

3-yr. Old Colt Pace

Race 4 — 1. Blackhawk Lookout (J. Dailey); 2. Two Will Forever (R. Steck); 3. Hez A Buckye (TBA).


Signature Series Pace

Jim Ellis Memorial

Race 5 — 1. Hanky L (R. Burns); 2. Worker C (TBA); 3. Atoka Millionaire (R. Wilson); 4. Reidio Star (S. De Mull); 5. Armbro Durable (G. Campbell); 6. Camn Yankee (TBA); 7. Thank You Mamma (J. Dailey); 8. Awinkandagrin (S. Ferguson).


3-yr. Old Colt Trot

Race 6 — 1. Counttheraindrops (P. Henry); 2. Di Moe (TBA); 3. American Superstar (E. Greeno Jr.); 4.Full Point (K. Beckstedt); 5. Mainstreet Willy (J. Dailey); 6. Count Full Mac (B. High).


2-yr. Old Colt Pace

Race 7 — 1. Winner In Action (R. Burns); 2. Roaddog Jess James (TBA); 3. Ranger Returns (R. Steck); 4. Mantalic (G. Bateson); 5. Danger Storm (J. Dailey); 6. Frisky Bob (K. Ross).


Non-winners of a Race

6-yr. Old & Under

Race 8 — 1. Crystal’s Highness (J. Burns); 2. Oaklea Windsor (J. Dailey); 3. Happy Go Manny (S. Bateson); 4. Emma’s Victory (C. Page); 5. Big Boy Toy (E. Cooper); 6. Nardie Sam (T. Ross).


3-yr. Old Colt Trot

Race 9 — 1. Irish Chip (M. Winters Sr.); 2. Redline Pax (J. Dailey); 3. Nanohio (T. Moore Jr.); 4. Lavecs Luckybuster (C. High); 5. Happy Dance (R. Steck).


Signature Series Pace

Jim Ellis Memorial

Race 10 — 1. Deb’s Familycircle (T. Rush); 2. Ithrowfitz (R. Burns); 3. Augie’s (S. De Mull); 4. Draft Bunny (D. Decker); 5. Demanding Force (B. Galliers); 6. Divulge (M. Headworth); 7. Summerwinds Atlast (C. Schoonover); 8. K C Colt (G. Campbell).


Non-winners of a Race

6-yr. Old & Under

Race 11 — 1. She’s Nasty (S. Bateson); 2. Thelma Lou (M. Winters Sr.); 3. Superman Muscles (S. De Mull); 4. Cyclone Storm (E. Greeno Jr.); 5. Taxisdue (G. Burris); 6. My Boy Dooley (J. Dailey);


Signature Series Pace

Jim Ellis Memorial

Race 12 — 1. Legacy’s Best (TBA); 2. Jackaneenee (R. Burns); 3. Scooch Over (T. Rush); 4. Stinky Sham (Z. Henry); 5. Arizona Dawn (G. Bateston); 6. Western Mark (G. Campbell); 7. Rosie L (P. Davie); 8. Theory’s Hero (B. Galliers).