Local tumblers compete at national meet

Gloria’s Tumbling Team had 25 members recently compete at the USTA Trampoline and Tumbling Nationals in Louisville, Ky. There were over 250 teams in action from across the United States and nearly 3,000 competitors.

Highlighting the local tumblers were Khierstyn Branan and Jaxon Heath, who both won national titles.

Branan won a national championship in the double mini and was fourth in tumbling. Heath won a national championship in the double mini, was runner-up in tumbling and eighth in the trampoline.

Also for Gloria’s Tumbling, Cody Roach was second in the double mini and third in the trampoline, Kylie Shoe was third in the double mini and fourth in the trampoline, Abby Kite was sixth in the double mini, Amber Kuck was seventh in tumbling, Madelyn Trittschuh was eighth in tumbling, Bethany Lowery was ninth in the double mini and 10th in the trampoline and Allison Penny was 10th in the trampoline.

In synchronized trampoline, Kylie Shoe and Lauren Easton finished third and Abby Kite and Khierstyn Branan finished fourth.

Other participants in action were Mary Bickham, Montana Buck, Julia Easton, Kaeleigh Flora, Mekenzie Flora, Abby Godwin, Alaina Heath, Mia Oppy, Raelyn Parsell, Ashley Roach, Courtney Roach, Kylie Ropp, Addison Shoe, Mackenzie Southard and Tayteum Vigansky.