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Rice on selection committee actually makes some sense

matt examiningsports

I completely understood the backlash that came with the leak that former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has been selected to be on the committee that will pick the teams for college football’s playoff system.

Football is a tough game. Those who have participated in it and follow it take pride in the blue collar spirit of the gridiron.

To invite a female, and one that has not been associated with the sports industry, into the manly world of college football is going to ruffle some feathers.

However, I think the criticism of Rice being on the selection committee is a little overblown.

Sure, she has not played football, coached it, or been around it. But Rice is extremely intelligent. She adapts well to her surroundings. She was so respected that she was called on to help run our country. She was asked to make decisions that impacted hundreds of millions.

She has been lauded for her ability to analyze situations and make tough decisions. She is exactly the type of person the committee needs to compliment the “real” football people on the panel. Rice got to where she is because she knows how to listen and make informed and sound decisions. In a group of macho football guys, she will be the calming voice that will help the committee form thought-out conclusions instead of rash judgments.

On any team, there are different roles that need to be filled. There is a role for Rice on the selection committee and she will perform it well.

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