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Living in a fantasy world

matt examiningsports

I just could not resist the fantasy sports bug.

Since I started doing sports here 16 years ago, I’ve been involved in just about every fantasy sport under the sun. Football, baseball, NASCAR, hockey, basketball, golf, and even pro bass fishing. Yes, I’ve dabbled in them all.

But as my family has grown over the last few years, my participation in fantasy sports dwindled to the point that I completely removed myself from any kind of fantasy team. I simply didn’t have the time to pore over numbers and projections like I did when I was younger.

After two years without participating, though, I am back in the game. I was invited to join a group of friends for a 10-person football league, and I’ve become sucked back into the enjoyment of drafting and following a team for a full season.

The great thing about fantasy sports is that it makes a game that would not normally appeal to me suddenly become must-see TV if I have a player on my fantasy squad participating. There I was Monday night, staying up late to watch the Texans-Chargers game because I had three players involved and needed them to help pull out an opening-week victory.

Any other night, I would have been long asleep. I was a bit groggy the next morning, but my team won.

Oh, it’s great to be back in fantasy land again.

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