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Harness racing program begins tonight

A two-night harness racing program kicks off tonight at the Logan County Fair.

There are nine races on the schedule, with nine more to follow Wednesday.

Post time both nights is 6 p.m.

Tonight’s entries are listed below.



Non-winners Lifetime

5-yr. Old & Under

Race 1 — 1. Say It Ain’t Soho (D. Rush); 2. Tassles Little Art (M. Smith); 3. Desiretobeabuckeye (D. Meyer); 4. Makemine Bluegrass (J. Smith); 5. Hot Rod Pete (M. Jones); 6. Seasonofbliss (S. Ferguson); 7. Swingin Emma (J. Dailey).

2-yr. Old Filly Pace

Race 2 — 1. Ma’s Jet (R. Burns); 2. Our Little Jess (T. Marts Jr.); 3. Ms I Am (R. Dinning); 4. Lucky L (J. Dailey); 5. Cutie I (TBA); 6. Matti Falcon (J. Weller); 7. Camtown Caroline (TBA).

2-yr. Old Filly Trot

Race 3 — 1. Dellou (J. Lupton); 2. Surebecoolifudid (R. Steck); 3. Alexa’s Dream Girl (R. Burns); 4. Maudeenflat (M. Headworth); 5. Speed’s Future (S. Bateson); 6. Hooray Usa (E. Greeno Jr.).

4-yr. Old & Up

Race 4 — 1. Notable Karen (A. Anderson); 2. This Sands Hot (J. Konesky III); 3. Olin (R. Steck); 4. Can’t Lose (T. Van Rhoden); 5. Jessica Speed (D. Baird); 6. Manaloha (TBA); 7. Maxine’s Boy Can (M. Winters Jr.); 8. Earl H (B. Malone); 9. Whats The Plot (S. Ferguson).

3-yr. Old Filly Pace

Race 5 — 1. BJ’s Golden Girl (D. Rush); 2. Samantha Truant (D. Venier); 3. Sadie’s Speedboat (D. Baird); 4. Melissa L (J. Dailey); 5. Our Little Emmy (T. Marts Jr.); 6. Black Laag (M. Headworth); 7. Spirits Michele (R. Burns).


Non-winners Lifetime

5-yr. Old & Under Pace

Race 6 — 1. Always Sharp (J. Franklin); 2. Artist From Above (T. Rush); 3. Sugar Puffs (M. Headworth); 4. Barley’s Grin (S. Ferguson); 5. Veloce (J. Dailey); 6. Impressive Power (B. Jones); 7. Always Working (M. Polhamus).

3-yr. Old Filly Trot

Race 7 — 1. Mj’s Lady Goo Goo (R. Steck); 2. It’s Pay Day (R. Burns); 3. I’m Sexy N Iknowit (S. High); 4. Countonme (J. Konesky III); 5. Loulousnorkafee (S. High); 6. Valerie’s Dream (K. Edwards); 7. Penny Master (B. High).

4-yr. Old & Up

Race 8 — 1. North Parce ( T. Van Rhoden); 2. Littlebitofhoney (J. Smth); 3. Touch Of Grace (M. Polhamus); 4. Sir Pete (D. Noble); 5. Kaynes Train (M. Winters Jr.); 6. Carolina Nan (B. High); 7. Herbie L (R. Burns); 8. Tk’s Diva (T. Zubkoff).


Non-winners Lifetime

5-yr. Old & Under

Race 9 — 1. Dash (M. Spearman); 2. Pinkpolosocks (R. Dinning); 3. Bar B Strad-a-doe (J. Predmore); 4. Taylor Finn (TBA); 5. Rock Hill (M. Spearman); 6. Flyfly Ladyshark (A. Beatty).


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