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Jr. High soccer teams participate in All-Star soccer game


Saturday night, the LCS Elite Soccer Club sponsored the annual Jr. High All Star soccer game for Logan County. All 8 league teams participated, selecting the top four players from each team for a night of recognition, awards, and comraderie. With all players divided up evenly each half, the game was to promote individual efforts and getting to opportunity to play with many different players from other teams and not who won or lost. Three goals were scored, with Neil Markin of West Liberty #2 having two and Raiph Levan of Ben Logan Black with one. The participants, selected by their teams and coaches were: (IL # 1) Kati Bowsher, Dalton Faler, Mitch Schwieterman, and Caleb Benny; (WL #1) Lily Yoder, Ashley Rabenstein, Sophie Farquharson, and Bishop Williamson; (BL Black) Raiph LeVan, Josh Mears, Will King, and Kayleen Harpest; (Bellefontaine) Jacob Childs, Peyton Neeld, Bailee Benton, and Justin Clayton; (IL #2) Justin Taylor, Savanah Kerns and Lindsey Huffman; (WL #2) Neil Markin, Lane Godwin, and Dierdre McGill; (BL Gold) Stevie Plikerd, Eric Price, Tim Gerholdt, and Tyler Berry; (Calvary Christian) Parker Grohaus, and Braden Studebaker.
* Attached is a picture of the participants.

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