Wind turbines will ruin view of Indian Lake

My husband and I purchased our home on Long Island 15 years ago. We love everything that the lake has to offer us.

Please let me paint a picture of our Indian Lake home. On any given day I can look out my windows and be entertained or relaxed after a stressful day. I can see everything from ice fishermen, a beaver swimming across the channel, little children sitting on grandpa’s lap driving their boat, kayakers out for some exercises, to ultralight airplanes and I can enjoy feeding a family of swans.

I’m sure you are wondering what this has to do with anything. To me this is my way of life. It is what I cherish and have worked hard to obtain. So if, or when, eight of the 172 proposed 50 story tall wind turbines go up here near the lake, my absolutely beautiful view we now have will be destroyed.

Fifty stories tall is about five times the size of the water towers in most of our communities and nearly as tall as any skyscraper in Columbus, Ohio. You may wonder how that will ruin my view. The smaller turbines at Honda can be seen six to seven miles away. These eight turbines will be as close as one mile from my lakeside view. They will block my sun rises and moon rises. The beautiful lake view has already been altered by the two turbines Honda has installed. Now close your eyes and imagine 172 much larger turbines across Indian Lake and Logan and Hardin counties. Remember, think larger.

There are legitimate health and safety issues you may not be aware of. From potential interruptions to LifeFlight service, to the safety of the Bald Eagle, along with sonic high pitched noise affecting the wildlife. Shadow flicker will disturb life inside our homes and our first responders can do nothing but stand by and watch a fiery turbine burn itself out and be prepared to protect adjacent fields, homes and businesses. Not to mention the huge impact our properties will take in value.

It is a proven fact that they are not cost efficient. It is a foreign owned company and they are supported by our (yours and mine) hard earned tax dollars.

Just because you have driven past these turbines on the highway or seen them in the distance, does not mean you are educated on their effects and permanent ramifications.

Take the time to educate yourself.

To the Logan County Commissioners: As a voting resident of Logan County, I request that you do not grant any tax abatements or give any tax breaks to any wind developer who wants to exploit our community.

Please stand up and help save Indian Lake, Logan County and Hardin County. For more information, please visit:

Vicky Arnold
Belle Center