Blessing and disappointment

My wife and I thank the person or persons that paid our check at Bob Evans last Wednesday (Dec. 18) evening. It is greatly appreciated although we do not know who you are. Let us assure you that we will return the loving gesture before this Christmas season is over.

There is a disappointment at this same time. There are many movies enjoyed at the local cinema and that is the choice one makes. Those movies so often contain violence, bad language, wizardry, unreal graphics, etc. To see a movie that is really and truly PG is not available very often. However, there has been a movie during this season that provides good, clean entertainment. That movie is The Christmas Candle based on the book written by Max Lucado, Minister, Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas. It is well produced and tells a wonderful story. It is scripturally sound and presents a beautiful picture to one that wants to see a movie that is for all family members. It is a shame that the people in the Bellefontaine area have not, at the present time, been able to see this movie. If by chance you are where the movie is being shown it certainly behooves you to take time to view this movie.

Emerson & Lucy Brown
West Liberty