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Ben Logan levy would help with expenses

I am a junior from Benjamin Logan High School and I have been researching the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania for my AP Government class. Throughout my research I have contacted the mayor and the clerk of Rushsylvania Diane Rader. Diane was extremely helpful in giving me the information needed and seemed very well prepared to answer any questions asked on the spot. We communicated via e-mail considering both of our schedules did not clash well together. I asked her questions like: What are the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania at the moment? What is your budget for the village? How will the new levy that you are trying to pass effect the people in Rushsylvania? Where do you go to vote? Are there any other extreme issues going on at the moment?

The current issues going on in Rushsylvania are very subtle. When I asked her what they were she responded with, “Current issues are finding an electric choice program for our village, deciding what fireworks company we will contract with for the 4th of July celebration, and whether to purchase another dumptruck.” The people of Rushsylvania will also be asked in November to pass a 3-mills renewal levy at the general election for the current expenses to be used for the safety and welfare of the people of Rushsylvania. You now question yourself on where the money is coming from to pay for all of these current expenses. The money will come from the people of Rushsylvania through taxes. Village homeowners will pay $.30 cents per $100 of property value for a 5-year period, along with the 2013 budget of $599,128.08. Once election day rolls around, some of you may not know where to go to place in your vote even if you want to.

As of right now the current place to go cast your vote on election day is Church of Christ, 170 E. Mill in Rushsylvania. Diane said, “There are no serious issues in the village. The residents are, however, anxiously awaiting the natural gas lines to be constructed in Rushsylvania.”

This letter was intended to inform you on the current issues in the village of Rushsylvania and help getting an understanding of the village you live in or by.

Morgan Centers

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