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Belle Center leaders should get their act together

To the village council of Belle Center:

I am writing as a concerned citizen that our village is in deep trouble due to the ongoing conflict among the members. It is evident that nothing positive can be accomplished by the current membership sitting in their elected positions. I am speaking not just about the mayor, but also those who would further their own personal feelings and not those of the needs of the village, (i.e., “I am not going to let anyone from outside come in to my town.”). It is evident that this person does not understand cost of operations and how to balance out the budget. Why would you spend $220,000 on a garbage truck and have to raise the monthly bill to your constituents, when you can save money by bringing in an independent contractor to perform the same function at a lower monthly rate? Is it about cost savings or one’s own petty grievances? I think the latter is evidently true.

My challenge to you elected officials is to get your act together and start acting like mature adults and get on with the business of running the village. We have many issues that are not getting resolved (i.e. new water tower). I am definitely tired of going out in public and being accosted by the public about the three ring circus of the village council and acting like a bunch of 5th-graders. There is also the problem of having to have a deputy sheriff present to maintain order, which is a waste of county funds and valuable time. I sincerely hope that all the issues and personal grievances can be resolved and the council move on with running the village. A businessman once told a group of his team that to remember you don’t have to be in love with each other or marry each other, just work together and get the job done.

Robert H. Rhoades

Belle Center

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