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Residents: Vote yes on WL-Salem bond issue

Not so long ago, my job situation was changing and my family needed to move. We had several options to consider; but before long the clear choice was to move to West Liberty. There are many factors that went into this decision; but as a father of four children with the oldest preparing to start kindergarten that fall, the quality of the school district played a large part in our decision.

When we talked with people in the school district, all that we heard were positive experiences. People told us about caring and gifted teachers and staff. They told us about the school’s achievements in meeting and exceeding standards. They told us about other people who moved to the area because of the quality of the education for their children. And they told us about a well-cared-for and maintained facility. As parents we heard about a school district that would care for our children and invest in their futures.

Having a top notch school district is an investment. It is an investment in the lives of our children and thereby our future; but for people like me, it is also an investment in our present community. The West Liberty-Salem School District is home to a variety of gifted, caring and committed people and our school serves as an important connecting point for us. Additionally while we have a lot going for us that is attractive to people who are looking for a place to settle down and raise a family like we were, a strong school district is central to this.

Our school system is a strong part of our community, but like everything else in life it will only stay that way if we continue to support and maintain this investment. Because as great as our school district is, with age and the changing circumstances of our time comes the need to replace what is deteriorating and upgrade what is lagging behind.

In many ways, the basics of education remain the same as when you or I were in school. And yet it is also clear that in many ways, the face of education is changing and evolving as the world around us changes and evolves. Technology is so central to our everyday lives now and it needs to be an integral part of educating our children if they are to be contributing members of society. Safety has become an increasing concern even in small towns as we hear the horrors of school shootings in our nation. And additional space to learn in is necessary based on state projections of additional students moving to our school district in the coming years.

For many of us, the school serves not only as an educational investment in the lives of our children, but also as an investment in a community center that connects us and draws new people to our community. By voting “yes” on the school building levy on Aug. 6, we will be able to make the necessary replacements to maintain the investments on our current building while also making important improvements that will continue our investment into the future. And we will do so by sharing the cost between property and income taxes 50/50 over the life of the bond. In this way, all of our community is coming together to contribute to this shared investment.

As a homeowner, parent and community member who is employed in West Liberty, I urge you to join with me and other committed citizens of our school distinct to vote “yes” on the school building levy on Aug. 6. In doing so, we are building on our past and investing in our future.

Dave Maurer

West Liberty

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