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A look at the ‘evolving’ Republican Senator Linda Murkowski

Alaska Republican Senator Linda Murkowski has now stated that she is all for same sex marriage after undergoing an “evolving” process. How interesting. But, perhaps “evolving” is the correct term, since Darwinian evolution, by definition, asserts that everything in the material world is the product of blind, random, chance forces; that planning, design and purposeful execution have nothing to do with it. So is Sen. Murkowski saying that she is now all for the same sex marriage as a result of a personal mindlessness? Sounds like it to me.

But, here’s one for Sens. Murkowski and Portman, another one who “evolved”: This registered Republican wonders if, instead of evolving, they are merely slow learning Democrats. I will never vote for such people, even if it means leaving an office blank on the ballot, even if every last Republican politician “evolves” into advocating for same sex marriage. Same sex marriage is a long term prescription for the dissolution of any society that goes down that road. But before the total dissolution of American society is realized, the Republicans may every well be joining the Whigs in the political ash can of history. I hope they don’t become the party of “Me, too!” in an attempt to ape the Democrats on the extreme left end of the political spectrum, nor the party of “every man for himself!” on the extreme right end with the Tea Partiers. Whatever happened to sanity and balance?

Marshall Pierson

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