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Underage drinking and driving is the wrong choice

Young adults, older teenagers, please learn from tragedy.

I sit here with elephant tears in my eyes, a black  hole-size empty spot in my heart, and an empty-armed hug.

Tragedy has happened to parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, other family members and dear friends. Tragedy I say, that could have been avoided by better choices. Drinking or not drinking is a choice, driving and not driving is a choice, letting young friends drink and not drink is a choice.

My grandson made the wrong choices, he was young and a friend to many, he chose to drink and he chose to drive. As a result, well, we all know that ending.

Friends, be a real friend, instead of getting “drink” for that young friend, please say no.

I’m not just an old (fuddy-duddy) ... when I say these things.

Please, you make the correct choices, don’t underage drink, don’t ever drink and drive and don’t allow underage drinking.

One more time: Don’t drink and drive!

Stay alive for all of us.

Who knows, you might just live to be an old (fuddy-duddy) yourself. Let’s hope!

Brandonn’s (Dilts)


Tracy D. Dilts


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