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The Salem Witch Trials revisited

Reading Marshall Pierson’s recent Forum article on same sex marriage reminded me of the Salem Witch Trials and why there is a separation of church and state. The Preamble to the Constitution starts with “We the People” which obviously means all of the people. Not those that Mr. Pierson and his ilk deem worthy, but everyone including those that he adamantly disagrees with. If one reads the Federalist Papers, it is obvious the intent of the Founding Fathers was for separation of church and state in part because of the ridiculous use of religion at the Salem Witch Trials and subsequent events similar where fanatics tried to use their interpretation of the Bible for their own personal gain and to perpetuate their particular religion no matter who and how many people it would hurt.

Being homophobic and xenophobic hardly deems one worth of being a Biblical prophet predicting the end of this country. And to extrapolate your statement that acceptance of same sex marriage is going to cause “progressives” to have sex with their own children is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Where did that come from? This sounds like something the Rev. Cotton Mather would have said in Salem around 1692. Perhaps Mr. Pierson, you need to dig a pond and set up your dunking pole to find out who is worthy and who needs to be burned at the stake.

Fanatics like you, Mr. Pierson, drive more people away from Christianity than you ever attract to it. While it may make you feel better to do a little gay bashing, it really only serves to show how shallow and pathetic your argument is. Why are you so afraid of gays and that they might actually have rights as you or I?

This country is a melting pot of many different religious and ethnic backgrounds and our Founding Fathers were very wise in keeping religion separate from government. It keeps anyone religious from being able to control others and allows everyone to follow the faith of their choice or lack thereof. Anything short of this would be ludicrous. We could have government soldiers rounding up certain groups of people that the government leaders hate and then burn them in gas ovens. Oh wait, that already happened, didn’t it. Six million times.

Ned Buchenroth


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