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Next election determined by candidate folks don't want

I continue to be amazed by those mesmerized with the shallowness of Barack Obama. To suggest he is the answer to solve our woes on economic and foreign policy, energy practices, our public education system and an out-of-control national debt, based on his dismal performance, is mind-boggling. His divisiveness has pitted Americans against one another. He has time for Dave Letterman, but can't find time to meet with the prime minister of Israel, who fears he is facing Armageddon. His negligence and ignorance could potentially light the powder keg causing the Middle East to explode. It took a week of denial (while campaigning in Vegas) to get a quasi response to the terrorist assault on our foreign embassy, that killed four Americans. He is no more presidential than a three dollar bill, as evidenced by his leak of classified intelligence (Bin Laden) for political gain. I'm sick of the whining and excuses about what he inherited. It's time to stop the charades and Land of Oz rhetoric. Look at what he'll inherit if reelected. Can you imagine the whining we'll hear? He's incompetent for goodness sake. We need more from our president than cheesy smiles, mediocre golf performances and bricks launched toward the rim.

It appears the only way those on the left can promote Obama is to attack and denigrate his opponents. This has been the mode of operation by liberals/progressives/socialists/Marxists for years. It's a Saul Alinsky strategy from his book Rules for Radicals, (1971) internalized and practiced by Obama. Smear tactics are a major part of their mission statement. They certainly can't boast about Obama's accomplishments, because he has very few. He is not only "Sleepless in Seattle" (Washington), but "Clueless in DC" (Washington). Most loyal Democrats don't realize their party has been shanghaied by a group promoting top-to-bottom, radical change. They are good hearted people who want the best for their country, have confused arrogance with likeability and, don't realize they've been bamboozled.

The hidden agenda (it is becoming clear) includes spreading the wealth (redistribution), bigger government, promoting secularism (attacking Christianity, an Alinsky principle) and reducing U.S. world power and influence, making us comparable to third world countries. These ingrates want to diminish accomplishments and lower our world status (confirmed in the Movie: 2016). The oil discovery in the Midwest suggests we have more oil reserves than the entire Middle east. Thousands of jobs could be created and our dependency on foreign oil would evaporate. Yet Obama loans billions to foreign countries to drill offshore, places restrictions on our own oil companies and permits gas prices to double, causing further depression on our economy. Where does such a witless mindset come from? Should the U.S. become a Marxist state (beyond what Woodrow Wilson and Roosevelt initiated) or China eventually gains complete control of our economy, guess what natural resource will be confiscated first?

The naysayers in denial have a closed mind, don't understand what makes our country great and will wake up one day to ask, "What happened? Did something happen?" The progressive movement began years ago. They are now very well organized and have infiltrated a large percentage of the lame street news media, education (especially colleges - most professors are liberals), health care, energy and have manipulated the general public into putting a George Soros puppet in the White House.

If you want to understand a man's ideology and what he stands for, all you have to do is look at role models during his youth and the people he surrounds himself with today. "Birds of a feather do flock together." When you hang out with communists, Marxists, terrorists, socialists and secularists, then sprinkle in the Chicago mentality, guess what you get? I understand those in denial could never acknowledge this or even admit the risk involved with hanging out next to a hornet's nest. Sooner or later the folks get stung. To make an error in judgment is understandable. To make the same mistake a second time reinforces what progressives have said about U.S. citizens for years. "The American people are dumb!" Unenlightened adults would deserve the consequences, our children don't.

Presidential candidate, Mitt Romney has his flaws and is by no means a perfect option. But when you look at the alternative and decide on the best person to address our sad state of affairs, the choice is clear. It's not possible to lead from behind or alter ideals ingrained in a person since childhood. The paramount question "Would you buy a used car from Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reed, Eric Holder or Barack Obama?" I hope not. It takes more than two hands to count Obama's broken promises, including C-span postings and that of being transparent. His hundreds of executive orders circumventing Congress are shady at best. He promised if he couldn't turn the economy around in three years, he didn't deserve a second term. Oops?! Forgot, another lie! We've been fed a steady diet of lies and deception and many have taken the bait, hook, line and sinker. It's time to spit it out and "just let him go," as suggested by Clint Eastwood's classical presentation. Did you notice the typical liberal/progressive reaction and strategy of bashing Eastwood? It proves the point made above. It rolled off him like water on a duck.

Water on a duck brings to mind another point. I have suggested to friends if the choice for president came down to Obama or Mickey Mouse, I'd have to vote for Mickey. Then I realized during the last election that Acorn, the group Obama served as a community organizer (the only job on his resume), registered Mickey to vote (in Chicago), along with several dead people. So, I've adjusted the option. The choice is no longer Mickey but Donald Duck. Once again, the choice is clear. When Donald was asked by the lame street news media (in the tank for Obama) about his platform and what he thought of his opposition, he indicated he would keep American heads above water. As far as his opposition is concerned he simply replied with several ... "quack, quack, quacks." Further, to counter the cry of "racist," a typical Alinsky/Obama/Jackson/Sharpton/Progressive strategy to discredit those in disagreement, he would vote for Allen West, a black Florida congressman for president, in a heartbeat.

For those having difficulty grasping this piece of satire mocking the travesty of the past three and a half years, let me suggest the election will come down to the person the folks don't want. If those on the receiving end of entitlements and government handouts think more (selfishly) about free stuff they'll get, rather than the country's welfare, we will all be in deep doo-doo. Those who can't do the math and have their heads buried where the sun doesn't shine will bring about financial ruin and our own Armageddon. If I've offended anyone with my candid and straightforward remarks, that's too bad. Too many folks have been hoodwinked by the current White House narcissist, concerned more about reelection and world favorability than the future of our great country. He has made clear his priorities through apologies. His ideology goes against the wind, the grain and the American people. If you look up, that's the bottom of the bus zipping by over your head, filled with an empty load of promises, hope and change. For those moved to rebuff the irony of this parody with the typical liberal/leftist reaction, I quote the words of our beloved 40th President, Ronald Reagan, "There you go again."

Glenn Honeycutt


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