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Two Quincy levies instrumental to village

I am writing on behalf of the village of Quincy council. This article is just to remind everyone in the village of Quincy Corporation that we are a part of Logan County and village residents vote at the Quincy Community Building, 503 Carlisle St. in Quincy.

Village residents have two levies on the ballot this year. Both are five-year, 3.2 levies that are replacement levies and have been in place for several years. They are part of the base of operational funds in the village of Quincy. These levies each produce approximately $17,000 per year and support the General Fund and Street Fund. Small communities have lost so much state and federal funding and the basic support levies are vital to operating our communities.

The General Fund supports all operations in the village, while the Street Levy supports all aspects of repairs, matching funds, leaf pickup, snow removal and maintenance to the streets. These services are important to all village residents. I am asking for residents' support by voting yes to replace the levies for another five years. This will help provide street lighting, maintaining the parks, hours of patrolling, fire and rescue support and maintaining village streets.

Anyone with a question, concern, or would like to look at financial information should contact me with those issues and I will be glad to help and provide the most accurate information I can. I am in the office Monday through Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Please remember this is for the entire village, our families, our neighbors, our friends and ourselves. Please support the village of Quincy and vote yes on the two levies on Nov. 6.

Sandra S. Ward
Fiscal Officer

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