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Levy supporters vandalize 'vote no' signs

To the persons who stole my sign saying Vote no on West Liberty School Levy property tax goes up.

I thought we still lived in America, where we still have free speech to say what we want. When is taxing the property owner going to stop? I will make a prediction in five years the school will want a 9.5 mill levy.
I also made a sign that said:

Vote no on Macochee Ambulance Service property taxes go up.

That sign at least made it five days before somebody kicked the sign in and just totally destroyed the sign. With both levies passing my property tax will go up almost $400 in one year. That's crazy! I need somebody to explain to me why do renters get to vote on these levies. They pay no property tax. My money tree in the back yard isn't growing anymore money.

Mike Miller
West Liberty

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