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Cupp, Kennedy right for Supreme Court

Recently, I had the opportunity to meet two of the candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court during a campaign trip by both of them through Logan County. I know many people are unsure of who even serves on the highest court in Ohio or who may be on the ballot for election to Ohio's highest court this November, so I wanted to make sure citizens are aware of this information.

As a practicing attorney for more than 35 years, and having reviewed the records of the candidates, I believe that the incumbent sitting Justice Robert Cupp, and candidate, Judge Sharon Kennedy, have the integrity and personal record that I want to see in someone who sits on the bench of the highest court in Ohio. As a practicing attorney and business owner, I am well aware of the decisions the court can make impacting the business climate and employment opportunities across Ohio. Both Justice Cupp and Judge Kennedy believe they should not legislate from the bench, but allow the Ohio Legislature to do its job and rule only on the constitutionality of the laws passed and proper application of such laws to the facts of individual cases. I believe in the separation of powers in the branches of government and so do Justice Robert Cupp and Judge Sharon Kennedy. Please join me in voting for these two superior candidates for the Ohio Supreme Court.

Thank you.

Howard A. Traul II

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