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Do we want a progressive or severely conservative Supreme Court?

What kind of Supreme Court do we want for the future, a progressive one or a severely conservative one? The next president will likely appoint one, maybe two Supreme Court justices. This, in my opinion, is the number one consideration, rather than the economy, in choosing which presidential candidate to vote for this year.

The economy, often cited as the most important issue, is improving and is expected to continue, no matter who is elected. In his article entitled, "Indicators suggest next president will enjoy strong economy," Fareed Zakaria states, "This is partly because of the dynamism of the U.S. economy but also because of the timely and intelligent actions of the Fed and the Obama administration."

The issue of abortion is likely to come up with the next Supreme Court. Although I do not like abortion, I don't want to see it criminalized. I think providing free birth control to women is the best way to keep the numbers down, yet still keep it legal for those who really need it. A recent study found that up to two thirds of U.S. abortions could be prevented with free access to birth control.

I urge your support for Barack Obama.

Karen Kennedy

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