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Better off than 4 years ago

I'm asked am I better off now than I was four years ago. I can honestly say yes, even better than five years ago under the Bush era when we lost almost half of our retirement when the stock market crashed. It's taken almost four years but we are finally seeing our retirement fund on the upswing again. Yes, it's been slow but we are heading in the right direction again.

Did you know that under the old health care if you took out health insurance your cost was based on your age, sex and health condition? Under the new health care they can't ask your age, sex or health condition. Under the new law I was able to bring my RX plan down from $44 to $17 a month. My secondary insurance which covers 20 percent that Medicare doesn't went from $107.23 to $74 a month. It just didn't make sense that I should be paying more for my secondary insurance which only covers 20 percent while Medicare covered 80 percent for $99 a month.

Glenna M. Theis

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