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Listen to both sides before you vote

First and foremost, President Obama inherited a lot of bad policy baggage upon becoming president. There is not one president that has done everything he would say after he got into office in four years. Look at the good he has done even with an inherited failed economy. It takes more than just one president to get us to a better economy. The Senate and House have not been the greatest for their help.

Let me give you a scenario on the Obamacare that Gov. Romney puts down all the time. My grandson works all the time and one day became short of breath with severe chest pain. He called his mother to meet him at the Marysville hospital. On arrival after many tests they found he had blood clots in his lungs and had to be hospitalized for treatment and today has to be checked monthly and is on a blood thinner. He is only 23 years old and was unknown as to what caused these clots. If it was not for Obamacare, since he was able to stay on his parents' insurance, this young man of 23 would be paying for many years or bankruptcy as a last option. His employer does not offer insurance to his employees, so Obamacare saved him and his family from serious debt.

Gov. Romney wants to refurbish Medicare that we pay the first $6,200 or set us up on vouchers. I would like to know where people on fixed income are supposed to get this extra money to pay for the above. I myself have lung cancer, 71 years old, am on disability PERS and I do not receive Social Security. I have Medicare and my secondary insurance, but it still does not pay for everything. Gov. Romney takes care of the rich but us middle class he could care less. One of the bits on TV where someone was taping him, you could hear the real Romney. He said then exactly what he thought of the middle class people. Look at all the things he wants to take away from us, Planned Parenthood, female tests that we need, rape victim rights and many more. He talks the talk but can he walk the walk. I guess we need for all of us to vote and the ones that don't vote do not have a right to complain.

We received stimulus money to make the economy better, but Romney complains about that. All received a check and I wonder how many were returned back to the government. Not heard anything about that.

If you notice some presidents do better the second term. I believe President Obama with another four years, we will see a big change for the better. We all need to work together and do what we can to give him the chance.

There is no way Gov. Romney can do all he says except take from the Medicare, Social Security, elderly and us middle class working people.

Voters think hard and look at both sides, not just the economy by itself. It takes everything to make the government work.

The above statements are my opinion only. We all have a choice.

Everyone vote.

Suzanne Morris

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