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Reasons to vote for Barack Obama

The presidential campaign is about many facets of our lives including the economy, the quality of American life and the safety of our citizens. The problems this country has today with the economy can easily be resolved by giving up our quality of life, infrastructure or safety but that just wouldn't make any sense. The president is responsible for balancing all the national and international issues while keeping us healthy and safe.

The reason manufacturing jobs have left this country is because the wealthy CEOs decided that they weren't making enough money, we can only assume that they didn't have the vision to see what it would do to the economy here at home. Please remember that no one gave us any price breaks when they moved the manufacturing jobs from the USA to countries that may pay $1 an hour or less, they put the savings in their own pockets, all of it. I don't understand how a small group of one percent has convinced so many people that handing them money and keeping them rich will somehow make the middle class strong, it just doesn't work that way. I don't know about you, but I'm proud to pay my taxes and certainly have spent most of my life paying a whole lot more than 14 percent in taxes. In fact, my tax rates have affected the quality of my life. I don't think that someone who's making $20 million a year is going to have trouble paying a rate of 35 percent without affecting the quality of that life. I tried to find the reason Americans move their money to Switzerland and the Cayman Islands and found it has nothing to do with earning more interest, in many cases the investor has to pay these institutions to handle their money. The only reason to move money overseas is for the purpose of secrecy, that's it. There is a reason that the Republican candidate refuses to show us 10 years of his tax returns, he's hiding something and there is no other reason. How can anyone vote for a candidate who refuses to show us 10 years of tax returns when he forced his running mate to hand over 10 years of his tax returns. How pompous can a person be?

I've researched Romney's term as governor of Massachusetts, don't believe that he worked across the aisle with the Democrats as there was much divisiveness at the capital. Romney issued some 800 vetoes and the Legislature overrode nearly all of them, sometimes unanimously. He wasn't as successful as he claims, during his term as governor of Massachusetts as the job growth rate dipped from 36th to 47th in the country. Only Louisiana, which was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, saw a bigger decline in its labor force than Massachusetts during Romney's tenure as governor. He is not a job creator, never has been. By the end of governor Romney's term, Massachusetts had lost more than 40,000 manufacturing jobs - a rate twice the national average. Governor Romney failed to protect good jobs in Massachusetts and actually outsourced state jobs to India. Romney raised taxes on the middle class, but pushed through a tax cut that overwhelmingly benefited 278 of the wealthiest individuals in MA. State spending increased every year while Romney was in office and he left behind a $1 billion deficit for the next governor. There is a story that he didn't like running into folks in the elevator at the capital and had one elevator reserved only for him to go directly to his office, no one else was allowed to use it. Pay attention to how he actually feels about the American people, he doesn't like us.

Please don't take a chance on losing our Affordable Healthcare Act which won't completely kick in until 2014 which is when we'll see everyone with insurance and the cost of healthcare being reduced. It has to come down, those of us paying for healthcare are paying for folks who don't have insurance and can't afford to pay for it, that's just not fair.

We can't afford not to listen to president Clinton, he's been telling us that we are headed in the right direction and that no one could possibly have resolved all of our issues in four short years and he's the expert. Please remember that Bush created most of this debt by making bad decisions that put us in jeopardy. President Obama is trying to keep the country growing and is succeeding at the expense of the debt. We're going to have to work at this but the budget can and will be balanced under President Obama. He's been working hard for the middle class and deserves the opportunity to finish the job.

As a group of reasonable folks, I think that centrist Democrats and Republicans could work in unison to force election reform, shortening the length of time and limiting the amount of money that candidates can spend. It sickens me to think how much good this money (some estimate a total of $2 billion) could do in this world where people are actually starving to death. We might also work on reforming Congress because they're the reason, along with unbiased media, for the divisiveness in this country. We should enact term limits for both houses of Congress, take away pensions, take away their elite insurance program and control their salaries and vacations. They work for us, let's remind them of that, part of the job is working in a bipartisan environment.

Finally, believe that Gov. Romney will reduce taxes for the wealthy and leave the middle class to pick up the balance. When polls had him behind in this race, he just changed what he was saying and expects folks to accept the changes without question. He's offering all kinds of tax relief that deduction reforms could never pay for. When he is so unwilling to explain his plans for us a president how can he be trusted? Small businesses, or any business for that matter, don't hire employees based on their tax rates, they hire new employees as business dictates. Romney wants to return to the policies that gave us a home mortgage crisis, a stock market crash and insured that the rich stayed rich at the expense of middle class America. He keeps saying he was a very conservative governor but has now moved to the middle in order to get votes. His choice of Paul Ryan should tell us that he's pretending to be moderate while actually believing in the policies of the extreme right. I don't think we know who he actually is.

President Obama has spent his first term protecting the average American, let's not let a small group of people with a whole lot of money take over this country again. We know how that ended. He's been able to keep most of his promises, especially healthcare reform. The president has given us a very popular Affordable Healthcare Act which is completely paid for. Don't let anyone tell you that government is taking over healthcare, that's just ridiculous. He's having a problem getting the unemployment rate down to a reasonable rate but he's fighting the wealthy folks who are still moving jobs overseas and Congress for a new jobs bill.

In the end it's important that you vote, no matter who you are voting for.

Charlene File


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