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Support WL-S bond issue

On Nov. 6, West Liberty-Salem voters will be asked to make a decision which could drastically impact the future of our school, our students and our community. As community members, we will be asked to decide whether or not to support a bond levy which will promote the educational development of West Liberty-Salem students.

The West Liberty-Salem Board of Education and district personnel have invested over two years researching available options and conducting several open meetings with community members. I was able to attend several of these meetings and the time and preparation that was invested by these individuals is to be commended.

When you vote "yes" for this levy, you will be bringing our community's school up to current standards. The urgent facility maintenance needs coupled with projected student growth, needs for improved technology and better educational resources make this levy a priority, which we can no longer delay without greater costs in the future. If we do not pass our bond issue this year, our local share will go from 29 percent to 32 percent. This would increase our costs locally by about one million dollars. Matching money currently available from the state coupled with historically low interest rates will allow the district to make the required improvements while maximizing the return on our investment.

Some may feel that now is not the right time. I believe there is never a wrong time to support the education of our children. For each $100,000 of appraised home value, property owners will pay approximately $231 annually. Property owners 65 and older will pay about $173 annually. For farmers and landowners who use CAUV reduction, the additional, cost will be approximately $2.25 per acre per year. Personally, I believe that the education of our children and the continued success of WL-S is worth the investment.

As adults we arrive at our place of work and desire the appropriate working environment and tools necessary to perform our job efficiently. We should expect nothing less than the same for our children as they embark upon their educational careers.

Join me in showing our students that we are concerned for their safety. Join me in showing them that we believe in their potential. Join me in providing them with the support they require to succeed. Join me in supporting the future of our community by saying "yes" to our WL-S students.

Dennis Sanford

West Liberty

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