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Republican Party and the 47 percent

I very much enjoyed Mr. Honeycutt's recent Forum article on why he does not like Obama and the "liberals." Being one of those liberals, I am amused with the same old Limbaugh/Hannity dialogue being repeated in the article. That old adage of if I tell it enough, it will become true. You call him a communist, socialist, Marxist, etc., etc. and I really wonder if you even know what those terms mean. You state that you are sick and tired of hearing what he inherited. Does that mean that it should just go away because you're sick of hearing about it? Does that mean it no longer exists because you do not want to admit what a Republican did to this country? Sorry Glenn, but Dubya was one of the worst presidents we have ever had. He started two wars with no means other than borrowing the money to pay for them and then was instrumental in having a major tax cut passed. Two wars and a tax cut and then you're tired of Obama having inherited it? The economy in shambles, job loss at 800,000 per month, several major financial institutions on the brink of failure, several large automotive manufacturing companies on the verge of insolvency, a housing crisis and you do not want to hear it? Well, Glenn, maybe the Republicans should quit being whiners and the party of no and actually participate in some solutions to our problems.

Your Republican party offers us the likes of Todd Akin and his views on rape? You cannot get pregnant if it is a legitimate rape? Following the Limbaugh logic, then if the woman was legitimately raped and was on birth control, hence not getting pregnant, then Rush wants video on it since his tax dollars paid for her birth control? Did you know that Rush's Viagra is paid for with his insurance. Pathetic male chauvinistic logic. You offer us Jon Hubbard of Arkansas who writes that blacks were better off being slaves. He is currently running for a House seat in the U.S. Congress. Charlie Fuqua, another Arkansas Republican, running for the House who states that all Muslims and non-Christian people should be deported immediately without recourse. If the Republicans don't like you, out the door you go.

How about Romney's 47 percent remark. Blasting those he does not deem worthy of being members of our society. He just blows off 47 percent of our people who are retired, military and people who are working, but the one percent will not give them a decent wage and the disabled. Only four percent are actually on welfare according to the Department of Health and Human Resources. If Jesus was walking among us today, Romney would consider Him unworthy and part of the 47 percent. Romney would consider Him unemployed, no insurance and having those feelings of entitlement because He would expect those who have to help take care of those who don't. Good luck with that one Glenn.

Romney says he is going to lower our tax rates, but then says he will do way with certain deductions which will make it "revenue neutral" and this will increase profits and stimulate hiring. His words verbatim and the logic of which surely escapes me? I give you five dollars, take away five dollars and this will increase your profits and make jobs? I had several courses on economic in college and they never covered this. If you believe in the idea of increasing the wealth of the one percent and how it will create jobs, then why isn't it working now? Corporate profits are the highest they have ever been. Apple says they are sitting on one billion dollars in cash. So how is increasing the amount of cash they are holding going to increase jobs again? Obviously it is not. So why does Romney think it will? He doesn't. It only increases him and his buddies wealth.

Romney is tough on China. I love that one. Bain Capital of which Romney money still controls, has been heavily invested in CNOOC which is China's oil conglomerate. They mainly buy oil from Iran. Bain Capital also owns factories in China of which Romney traveled to and saw for himself. By his words, they are slave camps and Bain Capital still owns them. Bain bought these factories to produce products from factories they shut down in the USA. Working class people in this country having their jobs outsourced to plants in China owned by Romney's former company of which he still owns. And a few weeks ago, these Chinese companies had a fundraiser for Romney. Chinese money trying to help him get elected so he can be tough on China. Talk about a hypocrite.

You do not like Obama, Glenn, but Romney wants to deregulate most environmental rules now in effect. That would put more pollutants into the air we breathe, the water we drink and the land we live on. Obama has promoted alternative fuels which has helped farmers who raise corn for ethanol which directly helps Logan County farmers. Ethanol is used both as a fuel extender and as an oxygenator. Romney wants to go back to methyl tertiary butyl ether. This just happens to be produced by oil companies and is also known in large quantities as a carcinogen. It can get in the soil and water and persists there for years along with its cancer-causing capabilities. Ethanol does none of that. Ethanol helps farmers, creates jobs for those distilling it and does not harm consumers. Why would you want to go back to MTBE? The only reason is more money for his rich buddies. Same with deregulating coal power plants. Burning coal can be done safely if environmental controls are kept in place. Romney's plan would ultimately minimize these controls making the generation of electricity cheaper, but at the cost of more pollutants in the air such as carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxide. I know Republicans like to deny global warming which is happening whether your kind believes in it or not Glenn. The real question is if humans are contributing to the increasing rate of warming, not if. My 7th-grade daughter knows from her science class that greenhouse gases increases the ambient temperature of the planet, but Republicans deny it. Any freshman college chemist knows that when you increase carbon dioxide and methane gas concentrations in the atmosphere, it increases the temperature of the Earth. Increasing temperatures translates into global warming. Duh!

How about healthcare Glenn? Obama care helps cover everyone and you're against that? You don't complain when everyone is made to buy car insurance, but go ballistic when everyone is required to buy health insurance. Heathcare from private companies as we do with car insurance and somehow that is socialist. You don't want the government to tell you what you can have in healthcare, but you're comfortable with some fatcat sitting on an insurance company board telling you what you can have and not have? According to the non-partisan Congressional Budget office on 7/24/12 in a letter to John Boehner, repealing the Affordable Care Act would increase federal spending by 109 billion dollars over the next 10 years.

Republicans know the price of everything Glenn, but the value of nothing. Quit listening to Limbaugh, Hannity and those other right wing nuts and try listening to Big Bird before Romney does away with him. You might actually learn something besides hate.

Ned Buchenroth


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