Republicans join Democrats against Trump's Great Lakes cuts

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — It sounds like an idea that would warm a conservative Republican's heart: Kill funding of a regional environmental cleanup that has lasted seven years and cost the federal government more than $2 billion, with no end in sight. If states want to keep the program going, let them pick up the tab.

  • Written by JOHN FLESHER , AP Environmental Writer

Somali refugees await relatives amid travel ban uncertainty

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Somali refugees in Ohio are dealing with more uncertainty about the fate of overseas relatives in light of the proposed White House travel ban and new court decisions blocking that ban.

  • Written by ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS , Associated Press

State: 750,000 Ohioans might lose Medicaid under GOP plan

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The state estimates that 750,000 Ohioans would lose coverage if its expansion of Medicaid is phased out under the Republican plan backed by President Donald Trump to replace Obamacare.


Ohio bill would ban fees for removing mugshots from websites

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio legislators are considering a bill that would make it illegal for companies to charge for removing or editing criminal records information or mugshots that have been published online or in print.