Some drug users willing to be human guinea pigs for dealers


AKRON, Ohio (AP) — For drug dealers, one of the biggest challenges of selling synthetic opioids like fentanyl is the likelihood that the product will kill their customers. To reduce that chance, many test the drugs on human guinea pigs.

  • Written by By JOHN CANIGLIA , Cleveland Plain Dealer

Report: Victims' fund denies thousands due to strict rules


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Thousands of crime victims applying for aid are being rejected due to the strict rules designating who funding should be directed toward in Ohio's victim compensation program, an investigation found.


Goats, veggies, flowers replace blight on urban Ohio farm

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Six-year-olds Darren Eaton and Rudi Petruziello climbed to the top of a dirt pile, took a seat, and started digging, but Glass City Goat Gals owner Liz Harris didn't mind.

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  • Written by By JAY SKEBBA , The Blade

Court weighs 1st Amendment challenge to Ohio HIV assault law


COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio law requiring HIV-infected individuals to tell sexual partners of their status before having sex or risk criminal charges is unconstitutionally based on outmoded stigmas against the gay community and doesn't take into consideration current survival rates for people with HIV, say lawyers challenging the law in a case before the state Supreme Court.

  • Written by By ANDREW WELSH-HUGGINS , Associated Press