Schools fret as teens take to vaping, even in classrooms

BOSTON (AP) — Sneaking a cigarette in the school bathroom? How quaint. Today's teens have taken to vaping, an alternative to smoking that's so discreet they can do it without even leaving the classroom.

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  • Written by By COLLIN BINKLEY , Associated Press

WW II veteran to graduate 68 years after leaving college

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Like so many American soldiers returning home from World War II, Bob Barger started working a new job and going to college. Once he settled into his career and raising a family, finishing school was no longer a priority.


  • Written by By JOHN SEEWER , Associated Press

Trapped student's death spurring action in Ohio city

CINCINNATI (AP) — While it's too late for Kyle Plush, the 16-year-old boy's death after being trapped in a minivan is getting intense attention and bringing change.

  • Written by By DAN SEWELL , Associated Press