Ohio, Wisconsin kick start interstate talks on Trump effect

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Republican legislative leaders from Ohio and Wisconsin are working together, hoping other states will join them, as they prepare for changes in how the federal government under President Donald Trump deals with states.

  • Written by JULIE CARR SMYTH and SCOTT BAUER , Associated Press

Ohio task force finds mixed progress on college cost-cutting

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A new report finds Ohio's 14 public universities have identified a combined $1.2 billion in savings and new resources over the next five years but more work is needed to rein in college costs.

  • Written by JULIE CARR SMYTH , AP Statehouse Correspondent

GOP congressmen in Ohio lay low amid town hall push

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohioans concerned about repeal of the federal health care law and stoked by liberal groups opposed to President Donald Trump's actions have organized town halls across the battleground state during this week's congressional recess.

  • Written by JULIE CARR SMYTH , Associated Press