Jury awards $22M to man who says police locked him in closet

CLEVELAND (AP) — A jury has awarded $22 million to a man who says he was severely beaten in 2012 by a suburban Cleveland police detective, locked in a storage closet with no toilet for four days and given nothing to eat or drink except for a carton of milk.

  • Written by MARK GILLISPIE, Associated Press

Student loan debt puts kibosh on graduates' startup plans

NEW YORK (AP) — As millions of people graduate from colleges and universities this spring, student loan debt will put the kibosh on the hopes many of them have to become entrepreneurs. And millions of others who have been out of school for years are in the same unhappy place.

  • Written by JOYCE M. ROSENBERG, AP Business Writer

Ohio seeks stay in complying with judge on early voting

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Ohio wants a federal judge to delay enforcement against a state law trimming early voting opportunities while an appeal is heard.

Ohio Voting System La Sidd 1

FILE - In this Oct. 29, 2008 file photo, voters line up outside the Hamilton County Board of Elections for early voting in Cincinnati. U.S. District Judge Michael Watson ruled Tuesday, May 24, 2016, that a law trimming early voting in Ohio is unconstitutional, after the state's Democratic Party and other plaintiffs sued over Republican-backed changes to voting rules in the presidential battleground state. (AP Photo/Al Behrman, File)


Cincinnati's pioneering gorilla exhibit now common in zoos

CINCINNATI (AP) — The Cincinnati Zoo, where a gorilla was shot and killed over the weekend after a 3-year-old boy climbed over a fence and fell into its enclosure, has an open viewing area that was among the first of its kind and is now common in many zoos around the country.

  • Written by DAN SEWELL, Associated Press JOHN SEEWER, Associated Press