Ohio media can work together to improve election coverage

Memo from Ohio news media to the public: Message received. You deserve better, more meaningful coverage of presidential elections. That’s a particularly urgent challenge for Ohio’s media outlets since the Buckeye State will again occupy the main stage in 2016.

  • Written by Dennis Hetzel Ohio Newspaper Association executive director, writer

Study: Asian carp could develop huge presence in Lake Erie

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — A scientific report says if Asian carp become established in Lake Erie, they eventually could make up about one-third of the lake's combined fish weight and cause drop-offs in other fish species.

  • Written by JOHN FLESHER, AP Environmental Writer

Cops granted deposition delay in Ohio Wal-Mart shooting suit

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Two policemen who confronted a man carrying an air rifle in a Wal-Mart will be allowed to postpone giving formal statements about the deadly police shooting in a lawsuit while a federal criminal investigation is pending.

  • Written by KANTELE FRANKO, Associated Press

Museum at Hayes presidential center closes for overhaul

FREMONT, Ohio (AP) — A presidential library and museums center in Ohio has closed the presidential museum portion of the facility for a $1.3 million overhaul as officials prepare for a centennial celebration.