Thrill ride was OK'd hours before deadly state fair accident

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Inspectors repeatedly looked over a thrill ride while it was assembled at the Ohio State Fair and signed off on it hours before it flew apart in a deadly accident that flung passengers into the ground, according to authorities and records released Thursday.


  • Written by By JULIE CARR SMYTH , Associated Press

Man killed in fair thrill ride wreck joined Marines week ago

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A high school student who dreamed for years of joining the military and had just enlisted in the Marines was killed when a spinning and swinging thrill ride broke apart and sent several of its passengers tumbling onto the midway at the Ohio State Fair.

OHfairRide Marine

  • Written by By JULIE CARR SMYTH , Associated Press

Firefighters rescue Ohio woman entangled by boa constrictor


SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio (AP) — An Ohio woman called 911 in a panic Thursday afternoon with ample reason: A 5 1/2-foot long boa constrictor she had rescued a day earlier had wrapped itself around her neck, was biting her face and wouldn't let go.