London, Ohio, mayor is carryout owner pushing for turnaround

LONDON, Ohio (AP) — The first customer through Casey's drive-thru during Patrick Closser's mid-afternoon shift on a recent Tuesday told Closser how his kids' morning dentist appointments went. That's the kind of thing you discuss with the owner of your neighborhood carryout.

  • Written by HOLLY ZACHARIAH, The Columbus Dispatch

Internal review clears Ohio officers in fatal shooting

KENT, Ohio (AP) — Four police in officers in northeastern Ohio have been cleared of any department policy violations in the fatal shooting of a man who confronted them with a machete.


Drones pose new contraband, smuggling challenge for prisons

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Wily inmates and their associates on the outside are deploying drones to deliver drugs, cellphones, and other contraband to prison yards, leaving prison guards and correctional authorities trying to decide how to deal with the new technology.

  • Written by IVAN MORENO, Associated Press

Cincinnati pays former councilman $55,000 to end contract

CINCINNATI (AP) — Officials in Cincinnati paid a former councilman $55,000 to end a contract that might have been "inappropriate," in another example of questions raised by a newspaper's investigation of lack of oversight of a city-run sewer district while it was spending hundreds of millions of dollars.