Yes on Issue 2 Petitioner Denounces Big Drug Company Ad as Racist and Anti-Semitic


COLUMBUS, Ohio--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sep 22, 2017--Tracy Jones, one of the original Yes on Issue 2 petitioners, called on the big drug companies and their campaign manager Curt Steiner to pull down their racist and anti-Semitic TV ads off the airwaves.

The ads, which use the phrase “Michael Weinstein’s gang,” refer to the four original signers of the petition to bring Issue 2 to the ballot. Three of the signers are African-American Ohioans.

In her letter to Mr. Steiner and the big drug companies, Tracy Jones writes:

"The obvious insinuation of the ad is that an African-American 'gang' is behind Issue 2. How dare you! I am not a gang member nor are any of the other proponents. But, of course, if we’re African-Americans we must be in a gang, right? This ad aids and abets stereotypes that are evil and contemptible about both African-Americans and those of Jewish faith.

"This same ad also represents, as a fact that Issue 2 is solely about giving the 'Weinstein gang' an opportunity to make money by filing lawsuits. Of course, that’s all Jews want to do is make money, right? You and your TV scriptwriters need to take your minds out of the gutter of racial stereotyping and deal with the facts.

"There is no place in the debate over Issue 2 for such racist expressions and pandering. You have taken this debate into a troubling arena. The debate should not be about the color of our skin, or our faith and ethnicity. It should be about facts. I urge you in the strongest of terms to take down this ad immediately. Ohioans deserve better!"

Background on Ohio Ballot Issue 2

The Yes on Issue 2 campaign is a broad-based, bi-partisan coalition. More than 200,000 Ohio voters signed petitions to put an amendment on the ballot in November that will lower drug prices for over 4 million Ohioans, including 164,000 children, save taxpayers $400 million annually, reduce healthcare costs for everyone and teach greedy drug companies and their CEOs a lesson.

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