Ohio court publicly reprimands ex-state lawmaker

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio Supreme Court has publicly reprimanded a former state lawmaker for drunken driving and negligently misrepresenting facts on his Ohio driver's license renewal.

The court voted 6-1 Thursday to reprimand Cincinnati attorney Robert Mecklenborg. The decision follows conclusions from a court disciplinary board that reviews allegations of legal misconduct by an attorney.

Mecklenborg was arrested on a drunken-driving charge in Indiana in April 2011. Four days later, while renewing his expired license, he signed a preprinted form stating he didn't have pending citations in Ohio or elsewhere.

The disciplinary board found Mecklenborg wasn't intentionally dishonest on the form, but acted on his attorney's advice.

Mecklenborg says the decision reflects his original agreement with the disciplinary counsel two years ago, and he looks forward to continuing the practice of law.