Ohio lawmakers hear silenced guns on tour

DELAWARE, Ohio (AP) — Supporters of allowing Ohio hunters to use firearms silencers have given some 20 state lawmakers or their aides a hands-on look at the devices.

The Columbus Dispatch (http://bit.ly/1doKGA9 ) reports the Buckeye Firearms Association hosted a tour Monday of the Black Wing Shooting Center in lobbying for pending legislation.

Salesman Eric Eesley (EEZ-lee) told the group most people believe silencers, or suppressors, make guns "Hollywood quiet" — but that's not true. He said they make guns "a little easier on the ears" and more accurate.

Observers listened to a silenced and unsilenced .45-caliber pistol and .308-caliber rifle.

Backers of suppressors say they protect hunters' hearing, make field commands easier to hear and reduce disruptions to neighbors. Opponents say quieter weapons are less safe and easier to use illegally.