Ohio man takes frigid dive to elude police

LOGAN, Ohio (AP) — A southeastern Ohio man attempting to elude police dove into a frigid lake on one of the coldest weeks in recent years.

Police tell The Logan Daily News (http://bit.ly/1d7Hzly) 26-year-old Justin D. Sudlow of Logan took his plunge into Lake Logan Thursday. He was fleeing deputies called to a report of domestic violence.

Sudlow wore jeans, boots, thermal overalls and several sweatshirts, which pulled him under the water. A sheriff's deputy and Sudlow's father rescued the soggy suspect, who was treated for hypothermia then jailed.

Both Sudlow and his girlfriend, 23-year-old Kea McCall, were charged in the domestic violence incident.

The newspaper reported the couple agreed on what started their fight: Sudlow had failed to help McCall up the snowy, icy driveway with the children and groceries.

Arraignments are pending.