Man mourns family members lost in fire

KETTERING, Ohio (AP) — A southwest Ohio man says his wife woke him and told him there was a fire, then went to wake their two sons. All three were killed, along with her father.

"In five hours, my life was gone, it was gone," Shaun Mobley told WHIO-TV ( ).

"Honey, something's on fire," he recalled his wife, Alicia, telling him at about 3:45 a.m. Thursday. She went across the hall to get their young boys, while he raced downstairs to get their two daughters.

"If I knew she wasn't behind me, I wouldn't have come down the stairs," Mobley said. "And the smoke, I couldn't see nothing. I kept on yelling for her."

Emergency responders said the house was engulfed in flames and the heat was intense when they arrived. The state fire marshal's office was still trying to determine the cause.

The four fatalities made the fire Ohio's second deadliest this year, the fire marshal's spokesman said. A man and five children were killed in a fast-moving mobile home fire in Tiffin, in northwest Ohio, in September.

Killed in Kettering, a south Dayton suburb, were Alicia Mobley, 36; 4-year-old Shaun Mobley Jr., 2-year-old Jacob Mobley, and Forrest Carroll, 76.

The couple's two daughters escaped safely. Mobley was treated for injuries after the fire, but he indicated he wasn't ready to talk in detail about that.

He said he wanted to thank people at Kettering Schools and many others who are raising money to help the family.

"I appreciate everything everybody has done," he said. "... People I don't even know."

He also had a message for parents: "Tell your kids you love them," he said tearfully.

"My wife showed me every day, my wife showed her kids every day that she loved them," he said. "Just look at them right now, give them a hug, give them a kiss, hold them tight and tell them you love them, because you don't know when's the last time you're going to say that."