Ohio woman can keep dogs few more months

FAIRFIELD, Ohio (AP) — A southwest Ohio woman has another few months to decide which five of her seven dogs must go to comply with a suburban city's two-dog limit.

Karen Glardon told The Cincinnati Enquirer (http://cin.ci/HPiT3Y ) that she has signed an Ohio Civil Rights Commission settlement. She said an investigator determined the city hadn't violated her civil rights but agreed to help her get more time with a Nov. 4 deadline looming.

The Fairfield city solicitor said the northern Cincinnati suburb won't take any action for now, allowing her more time to decide which dogs will go and to find new homes for them.

"It's going to be something in the order of Feb. 1 to get down to the limit of two," said John Clemmons, the solicitor.

The city has a nearly 30-year-old pet regulation that limits residential lots to two adult dogs or cats older than four months. The city investigated after a neighbor complained about barking dogs.

Glardon says the dogs are therapeutic for her. She has Parkinson's disease and multiple sclerosis, and unsuccessfully challenged the city ruling under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A zoning board rejected her appeal in September, saying the dogs didn't qualify as service dogs and hadn't been obtained for therapy. She was given 60 days to comply.

"I hate it. It's very hard," Glardon said, of deciding among her dogs. "It's ripping my heart out when you take those dogs away from me. They are like family."

She has a mix of breeds, and her dogs are named Corkee, Little Man, Peanut, Maggie, Romeo, Sara and Zoey.