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Ohio seeks pathologist's help in teen death case


CASTALIA, Ohio (AP) — The Ohio attorney general's office has asked a former New York City medical examiner to analyze autopsy results in its investigation involving a 19-year-old man who died from a gunshot wound in March 2012.

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Authorities in Sandusky County have been looking into how Jacob Limberios (lihm-BEER'-ee-ohs) died. The county coroner ruled the death a suicide last year but also said the teen might not have known the gun was loaded.

His parents fought that ruling and hired their own forensic pathologist to do an autopsy. He concluded the death was a homicide after the teen's body was exhumed last fall.

The Sandusky Register ( ) reports Dr. Michael Baden will be the fourth forensic pathologist involved in the case. He's consulted on high-profile cases, including the death of actor John Belushi.


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