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New Ohio rules on puppy mills call for roomy cages

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — A new set of regulations meant to crack down on high-volume dog breeding operations in Ohio would ensure the animals live in spacious, clean cages, receive veterinary care and are transported in safe enclosures.

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FILE - In this Nov. 17, 2012 file photo, Ohio SPCA members catalog the condition of a dog for evidence against a puppy mill in Shelby County near the town of Maplewood, Ohio. A new set of regulations meant to crack down on high-volume dog breeders in Ohio won't go into effect for two more weeks beyond a state deadline. (AP Photo/Sidney Daily News, Luke Gronneberg, File)

The guidelines drafted by the Ohio Department of Agriculture are being reviewed by a regulatory panel.

The proposals bolster the treatment standards of animals housed in the large-scale establishments, puppy mills by their critics.

The rules would force the facilities to get a state license and also require employees to position dog cages to protect animals from being soiled by feces or urine from cages above them.

Under the proposed regulations, animals must be transported in sturdy cages that allow the dogs to turn normally and lie comfortably.

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