13 Reasons Why You Matter Day

 Riverside matters

Riverside middle and high school students recently participated in a 13 Reasons Why You Matter Day which stemmed from sophomore Kayden Smith’s concern about the happiness of his fellow classmates. He was also concerned about the impact of the popular Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why, which tells the story of one girl’s suicide in graphic detail. The Riverside staff and administration decided to take a day of school and focus entirely on our student body’s mental health and well being. Consolidated Care participated in the day and ran several stations including self-esteem, mindfulness, and a discussion on the 13 Reasons Why. Students also went on a nature hike to remind them of how important and healing nature can be for them. Students and staff ended the day by planting an oak tree in the front lawn as a symbol of strength and community. (PHOTO | RIVERSIDE SCHOOLS)