Habitat helpers’ project plantings

BES Pollinator meadow

Sophia Millis, a member of the Habitat Helpers Club at Bellefontaine Elementary School, plants pollinator seeds at the school recently for a project to create a pollinator meadow that will tie into the wetlands and woods located just west of the school. Pheasants Forever donated the seeds and answered students’ questions related to the effort. Club members planted the seeds that will be the base plants of the meadow to attract monarch butterflies, honey bees, bats and other species that are on the decline, as a result of their habitats being destroyed. During the winter months, the pupils will be raising funds to purchase and assemble bat, butterfly and bird houses, grow milkweed plants and other plants that will be transplanted in the spring. It will take up to three years before the meadow is blooming at its full beauty. (PHOTO | BELLEFONTAINE ELEMENTARY)