Cabbage fit for a King


Calvary Christian School student Payton Knight, 9, displays his cabbage head that was grown in a garden at his grandmother Cheryll Hinman-Bickham’s residence along Township Road 179. The cabbage is 16 inches around, while the plant itself is 29 inches diameter. He received the cabbage plant as part of a school project. Each thirdgrader took home a cabbage plant at the end of the school year, and Payton started his plant in a window sill before transplanting it in his grandmother’s garden. “I typically haven’t had much luck with cabbage in my garden, so I haven’t planted any for a few years,” Mrs. Hinman-Bickham said Wednesday. “Payton took good care of the cabbage while my husband and I were on vacation recently.” (PHOTO | CHERYLL HINMAN-BICKHAM)