Dance Fuzion announces competition results

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Members of Dance Fuzion Studio in Bellefontaine recently competed at the Hall of Fame Dance Competition at Veteran’s Memorial in Columbus.

Results are as follows for individuals: Amber Roth, lyrical solo, gold and judges’ award for “most intense”; Hannah Suman, lyrical solo, gold; Josey Queen, Katelynn Craig, jazz solo, gold; Kylie Adams, jazz solo, high gold; Jasmine Gordon, tap solo, gold; Aundrea Foulk, solo, high gold, fourth overall and judges’ award “Broadway Bound”; Macy Birchfield, gold and judges’ award “best prop.”

Group results are as follows: Kylie Adams and Aundrea Foulk, duet, high gold and first overall; Josey Queen, Kaden Foulk and Lili Mackesky, jazz trio, gold; Josey Queen and Lili Mackesky, hip hop duet, gold; Kylie Adams, Katelynn Craig, Aundrea Foulk, Makena Garner and Hannah Suman, lyrical small group, gold and second overall; Macy Birchfield, Aundrea Foulk, Jasmine Gordon and Hannah Suman, character small group, gold and judges’ award “best props”; Kylie Adams, Macy Birchfield, Katelynn Craig, Aundrea Foulk and Makena Garner, jazz small group, gold; Jasmine Gordon and Hannah Suman, lyrical duet and tap duet, gold; Aundrea Foulk, Makena Garner, Katelynn Craig, jazz trio, gold and first overall; Kylie Adams, Macy Birchfield, Ariel Burkholder, Katelynn Craig, Aundrea Foulk, Makena Garner, Jasmine Gordon, Lili Mackesky, Riliegh Martin, Josey Queen, Amber Roth and Hannah Suman, hip hop large group, gold and first overall.