Ben Logan students complete science fair projects


Benjamin Logan Elementary School students in grades 1-4 recently participated in a school science fair, where 184 different projects were featured.

Topics ranged from pennies to batteries, electricity, plants, popcorn and bugs, and about 30 volunteer community members served as judges, listening to the students present their journey through the scientific method.

A second-grader said, “I liked being judged the best because the judges were really nice and told me to act like they were my pet dogs and talk to them like I wasn’t being judged.”

First-grade students had some favorite ideas about Science Fair, including getting to eat cookies, dropping eggs in Kool-Aid, cleaning pennies, and getting to see all of the other projects.

One third-grader explained, “I liked building my board. Maybe I will do science fair again in fourth grade.” Fourth-grade students enjoyed presenting to the judges and being able to teach the judges something new.

To end this day of science, the community was invited to the school that evening for the Science Fair Open House.